2020 ILA Conference in Kyoto

On behalf of the ILA Japan Branch, I would like to invite you to join us at the next Biennial ILA Conference in Kyoto, Japan from Sunday, August 23 to Thursday, 27, 2020. The venue of the Conference will be the Kyoto International Conference Center where the Kyoto Protocol was adopted in 1997.

The Japan Branch hosted a biennial conference of the ILA in Tokyo, Japan, back in 1964 when the Summer Olympic Games were also held in the Japanese Capital. The Japan Branch feels particularly honored to have the chance to host the conference again in 2020, this time in Kyoto, ancient Capital of Japan. The year 2020 coincides with the centenary of the establishment of the Japan Branch and it also once again coincides with the Summer Olympic Games that Japan will host in Tokyo for the second time.

Kyoto is the ancient Capital of Japan and was founded in 794, more than 1,200 years ago. Kyoto is a city rich in historic and cultural significance including beautiful Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, other notable architectures and gardens, many of which are on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. Kyoto also offers world class culinary opportunities along with thriving textile and arts scenes. In addition, there are also research centers of advanced sciences and high-tech industries.

The main theme of the Kyoto Conference is "Bridging for the Future". The 2020 ILA Conference would bridge the past, present and future, as well as connecting the East, West, North and South. Japan's fundamental foreign policy is to establish and strengthen the rule of law in international relations, and I trust that the Kyoto Conference will contribute to this goal.

In addition to the meetings of ILA Committees and Study Groups, the Japan Branch is currently planning to organize more than twenty panels which cover various fields of international law. These will address key issues such as international ocean governance, protection of marine environment, the Arctic, human movements across borders, climate change law, international criminal justice, international humanitarian law, cybersecurity law, international trade and investment law, international litigation, international insolvency law, family and culture in the conflict of laws and lex sportiva in international law. The Japan Branch is also planning to host some panels open to the public for the purpose of disseminating the knowledge of international law to common people including on the topic of "SDGs and International Law".

I earnestly hope that as many ILA members as possible will participate in the 2020 Biennial Conference in Kyoto, and that they will bring their spouses and other members of their family, as well as colleagues and friends. As outlined, Kyoto will not be a significant venue but one which offers many interesting cultural opportunities. We look forward to welcoming you in August 2020.

Shunji Yanai
President, ILA Japan Branch